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Wharton Portable Buildings of Hempstead, TX has  Derksen BuildingsDerksen Portable Buildings and sheds are extremely popular in  Hempstead, Texas because of the quality building and materials used to make their portable buildings.

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Hempstead, TX
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Hempstead is a city in Waller County, Texas, United States, part of the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area.  Wikipedia


Visit the Chamber of Commerce website for Hempstead, Texas

Hempstead, Texas History

Taken from the book “A History of Waller County, Texas, Published by The  Waller County Historical Survey Committee 1973
Hempstead, by Barbara Uzzell

     The town of Hempstead and its environ have been shaped by large outside events. During the third and fourth decades of the nineteenth century, there was considerable colonization of the then Mexican territory, of which Texas was a part, by colonists from the United States and Germany.  The first major colonial venture of this nature was undertaken by one Moses Austin, and later brought to fruition by his son Stephen.  The Austins contracted with the Mexican government for a large block of land (eventually – through a piloting error – to lie along the east side of the Brazos River) which they, in turn, divided among a number of colonists.  These original colonists were slave holding cotton planters, who in the early 1820′s effectively introduced cotton farming to the area.  Produce for this newly formed hinterland was shipped to the coast by river, and from there to the already operating ports of Galveston, and New Orleans.

     This land east of the Brazos River was rich fertile loam, and was perfect for growing cotton and corn.  The deep sand hills surrounding what is presently Hempstead were the answer to the watermelon grower’s dreams.  Hempstead later was to be know as the watermelon capitol of the United States.  Watermelons were shipped all over the country, and people from everywhere cams to buy them, because no watermelon flavor could equal that of the Hempstead melon.  As many as 1800 railroad car loads were shipped in a single season.  On the land also flourished pecan trees, fruit trees, dewberries, grape vines, and trees for building materials.

      The Colonists, such as Jared E. Groce and J. W. McDade, who had land holdings with palatial plantations homes and many slaves, worked with other colonists in an attempt to secure land held by Mexico at that time.  Mexico would concede nothing to the colonists: therefore, the war for Texas Independence from Mexico was declared in 1836.  After this war, the colonists made greater fortunes, and secured more land and slaves so the cotton kingdom grew into a land of plenty for the plantation owners.

     A few items from the Hempstead Golden Anniversary Edition,1 concerning the early 1820′s – 1830′s are appropriate here;
Quote: “Stage Coach robbed near Six Shooter Junction, March 11, 1834.  Money and valuables taken, but mail got through to Washington and Austin.”  Road was from Galveston to Hempstead to Washington to Austin.

     This is the first place in research where we found mention of the name “Six Shooter Junction” as an alias for Hempstead, but it seems from later quotes from Hempstead and Houston papers that this name was widely known and much feared by some.

     Another quote from the same paper: “The pioneer, Edwin Waller, for whom the county is named, shipped the first cotton to Mexico in 1831.  It was shipped by scooner from the Brazos river to Maramoras, Texas.”

     Another story we gleaned is that in 1836 General Sam Houston made a visit to this territory and was entertained by Jared E. Groce on his famous Plantation that is still (1972) a historical place.  It is located about five miles from Hempstead. The report says they dined and later danced to music furnished by the Groce slaves.

     Some of the stage coach trails are still in existence in and around Hempstead.  These are not used for traveling now, but are still visible.  These and other historical markings bring the story book picture of long ago back to file so that we now may savor the splendor and bravery of those who prepared the way for our good life in the declining 20th century.

     River transportation soon proved inadequate for the flourishing crops that had to be marketed.  The large plantations had built their own cotton gins, and some of the towns had gins, but wagon transport to markets or shipping points was too slow.  The need for a railroad became apparent within two decades of the founding of Austin’s colony.

     The Houston and Texas Central Railroad was destined to change Hempstead into a fully i9ncorporated town.  This railroad company had its genesis in a convention held in Chappel Hill, Texas.  Although the railroad was largely the project of the business men in Houston, the company included Dr. R.R. Peebles and James W. McDade.  These two men, on December 29, 1856, entered into an agreement to form the Hempstead Town Company to lay out the town of Hempstead.  They offered the officials of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad lots and blocks in the new town to induce these officials to have the railroad run through the town.

     The official minutes of the City Council of Hempstead on file in the City Hall gave us this quote: “The original survey defined in the ordinance, and in an act of the legislature, approved March 13, 1871, incorporating said city; shall be recognized as the boundaries of the city of Hempstead as surveyed in January A.D. 1857.

     “The Boundaries of the city of Hempstead shall be as follows: Beginning at a stake 200 ft. south of the southeast corner of the Abbot tract; thence 3,920 ft. westward to a stake, which is the north west corner of the town of Hempstead; thence 9,260 feet southwestward to a stake which is the southwest corner of said town; thence 9,408 ft. east to a stake which is the southeast corner of said town; thence 9,260 ft. northward to a stake which is the northeast corner of said town; thence 5,488 ft. westward to the point of beginning. The whole area consists of 2,000 acres.”

     This property was originally a part of the Groce holdings.  After the death of Mr. Groce, his widow married Dr. Peebles, and she and Dr. Peebles sold the land for the Hempstead plot for $ 10.00 per acre.

     A charter was drawn up and recorded making Hempstead a validated city.  This charter is now in the State Archives of Texas in Austin, Texas


     “The City is divided into wards.  Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Hempstead that:
          “1.  The City shall be divided into four wards.  All area north of Austin Street and west of 12th St. with a continuation of said streets to the city limits shall be Ward No. 1.
          “2.  All area north of Austin Street and east of 12th Street with a continuation of said street to the city limits shall comprise and be know as Ward No. 2.
          “3.  All area south of Austin Street and west of 12th Street continuous to the city limits shall be Ward No. 3.
          “4.  All area south of Austin Street and east  of 12th Street continuous to city limits shall be Ward No. 4.
          “The boundaries of Hempstead were confirmed in 1887 as still being in effect.  (Minutes of City Council of Hempstead, City Hall). “2

     Hempstead’s growth was very rapid.  Soon there were dry goods stores, hardware stores, saddle shops, shoe cobblers, grist mills, cotton gins, brick yards, lumber yards, grocery stores, pottery factories, blacksmith shops, hotels, inns, restaurants, jewelry stores, general merchandise, buggy shops, book stores, meat markets, and countless others.

     Hempstead was named for Dr. G. S. B. Hempstead of Portsmouth, Ohio, brother-in-law of Dr. R. R. Peebles.  Dr. Peebles chose this name because his brother-in-law had been so good to him and helped him get his education.  However Dr. Hempstead never visited his namesake town.



Wharton Portable uildings Sales Lot Wharton, Texas

Americans throw away thousands of dollars every year for rented mini-storages.  Wharton Portable Buildings gives you the opportunity to own your storage building with very little down and easy monthly installments, by offering a Rent-To-Own option. Come by our lot to visit with one of our friendly team members and let them help you custom design your new Derksen building or pick your favorite from the inventory at our location in Wharton, Texas

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Rent To Own Derksen Buildings at Wharton Portable Buildings Wharton, Texas

Rent to own was established as an alternative to commercial storage. The low monthly rental rates are comparable to commercial storage rates per square foot, however, our Rent to Own program allows you to have your storage facility in your own backyard. You are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep the building. If your building becomes a financial burden or if for any reason you no longer need the building, simply contact us and we will promptly pick it up and your credit will remain untarnished.

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Our buildings are available in custom sizes. Please contact us today and let us know what size building is right for you. We deliver almost anywhere as long as you meet our delivery requirements. Come to the Derksen Building location in Wharton, TX or give us a call.


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Derksen Portable Building Product Line


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Homeland Carports at Wharton Portable Buildings in Wharton, Texas Homeland logo

Carport Sizing Chart:
  • 12' Wide - 1 Car, Truck, SUV
  • 18' Wide - 2 Compact Cars
  • 20' Wide - 2 Mid-Sized Cars, Trucks, SUV's
  • 22' Wide - 2 Full Size Cars, Trucks, SUV's
  • 24' Wide - 2 Full or Oversized Cars, Trucks, SUV's
  • Full Gables
  • Extra Sheets
  • Service Doors
  • Extra Height
  • Windows
  • Roll-up Doors (6x7 -12x12)
  • Wind and snow bracing available for all buildings.
Measuring Guidelines:

We recommend that you measure the vehicles to be covered using the following procedure. Measure the width of each vehicle and then add 5' to accommodate the opening of the doors to each vehicle.

Homeland Carports at Wharton Portable Buildings in Wharton, Texas measuring tape

Sizes Available in 30' - 40' Wide

12x20 12x24 12x28 12x32 12x36 12x40
18x20 18x24 18x28 18x32 18x36 18x40
20x20 20x24 20x28 20x32 20x36 20x40
22x20 22x24 22x28 22x32 22x36 22x40
24x20 24x24 24x28 24x32 24x36 24x40


Color Choices:

Homeland Carports at Wharton Portable Buildings in Wharton, Texas color options

             Black Trim Available                      Also available in White
Color swatches are approximate and may vary from actual material.

Carports for every use. Come see them at our location or contact us for a delivery!

Homeland Carports at Wharton Portable Buildings in Wharton, Texas

custom design and installation available


 Wharton, Texas Carports are for sale at Wharton Portable Buildings




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Derksen is Simply A Better Choice for your Outdoor Building!

Treated for everyday durability


LP® Smart Side® products are no made of wafer, chip or particle board. In fact, our engineered woods products are made with our Treated Wood strand Technology so you can rest assured your structure will provide years of beautiful service.

Extra Protection, Tested Tough


All LP SmartSide products are treated with our proprietary Smart Guard® process to resist fungal decay and termites in harsh environments. Tested in Hilo, Hawaii, LP SmartSide products continue to resist structural damage, even after years of exposure to thriving termite colonies and excessive moisture!

Beauty that's worth a second look


It takes only one look to notice the rich cedar grain texture and undeniable  beauty of LP SmartSide products when compared to typical pine siding It's a premium choice that gives your outdoor structure  an attractive custom-built look!

A warranty that protects your peace of mind

All LP SmartSide products feature a 5/50 year limited warranty, one of the best warranties in the industry. You can feel confident that you have made a better choice for lasting durability and beauty.

* 5-year, 100% labor and replacement feature.

* 50-year prorated, limited warranty on substrate.

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